Sunday, May 11, 2008


So we have made a very big investment, most definitely stimulating the economy, and are having our 48-year-old (older than we are!) ugly mishshmosh of a kitchen completely re-done. It should be a very interesting as well as challenging few weeks!

The preparation has been done in the past few days. We cleared out all the cabinets. It's truly amazing how much STUFF accumulates that we didn't even know was there. Who would have known we had probably at least SIXTY coffee mugs! Not to mention all the Princess House crystal (souvenirs of my year as a State Representative in Job's Daughters, where several co-officers were selling it.) And let's not talk about all the appliances in the Appliance Graveyard, like the pasta maker and pasta roller--bought with good intentions but rarely used. Quite a pile to be going to the Salvation Army soon.

I've actually enjoyed being able to sort through and play "Clean Sweep". It's something that should be done every now and then--you find unexpected treasures and find other things that other people will enjoy just as much as you once did.

The garage is completely FILLED with our cabinets and counters, we've laid in the paper goods and pre-prepared food, found a temporary space for the important appliances (phone, microwave, toaster, COFFEE POT AND COFFEE GRINDER!), and at 7 AM tomorrow all the fun begins!

Here are some of the BEFORE pictures!

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