Monday, May 12, 2008

EXTREME MAKEOVER, KITCHEN EDITION: Day 1: This Is Why We Had Mother's Day Dinner Tonight and Not Yesterday

. . . because by this afternoon, our kitchen looked like this!

Amazing what one guy can do in four hours.

It was a good day. Mark and I greeted the worker at 7:40 am and he immediately began tearing, ripping, banging. Must be fun work for a guy.

By about noon he had the room completely demolished and Mark and I were off to see SPEED RACER (fun movie, not much of a story but pure action and eye candy--as our paper's movie reviewer says, definitely a whole bunch of colors NOT found in nature.)

M-Day Belated Dinner was at Red Robin. Enjoyed it!

We don't know when we'll get a sink with running water back in the kitchen, so for the meanwhile we're still making do. Little Man loves the echo in the empty kitchen!

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