Tuesday, May 20, 2008

EXTREME MAKEOVER, KITCHEN EDITION: Day Six- (Posted one day late) Installation Complete!

Yup. The Sears contractors have done their part. As of yesterday (Monday 5/19), all cabinets (with doors and handles and supercool touches like Lazy Susans--Why pick on poor Susan, anyway? why is SHE the lazy one?, pull-out drawers, and hanging trash/recycling bins); the countertops; the sinks; and the installation of the appliances (we have a DISHWASHER! HOORAY!), are done.

We began moving "stuff" back in but it will be a while before everything finds its place.

There is quite a bit of work yet to be done by other contractors:

Replace flooring
Install tile backsplash
Paint kitchen
Fix ceiling fan bracket and install ceiling fan
Duct work from oven/microwave up through the roof (Yes, thank you very much, Our Fair City)
Install wood railing on dividing wall between kitchen & family room

But for now, we have a usable kitchen again, and it looks wonderful, and that makes us tremendously happy. I am pleased with the quality of the workmanship and with the crew of workers that we had. They really did a good job and went the extra mile to get it done.

Pictures to follow when my camera batteries recharge and I remember to put the MEMORY CARD BACK IN THE CAMERA and I have a chance to upload them.

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