Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Last LAST Page (A Spoiler-Free Review)

I have just finished the incredible roller coaster ride that is the final Harry Potter book. J.K. Rowling has put together another masterpiece.

From the very beginning, the action is nearly non-stop, yet there are plenty of deeper themes too--loyalty, courage, friendship, and above all, redemption. There are twists and turns in both characters and plot that will make your head spin (I am certain there are many things I still don't quite understand), all leading to a dramatic and heart-pulsing climax (and I'd better say no more about THAT for fear of spoilage.)

JKR's wit and flair for words and names are in evidence and she throws some marvelous tidbits our way, including one of the most PERFECTLY placed swear words I've ever seen in any book (It's one of the few in all of the seven books, and it jumps out at you at EXACTLY the right moment from EXACTLY the right person--I roared out loud and pumped my fist!) There are heartbreaking moments and moments of pure joy.

Sadly, the Epilogue, while amusing and satisfying, doesn't quite rise to the high standards of the rest of the book, and left me wanting much more. . .

But overall, what a marvelous achievement. I believe it will stand the test of time.

Thanks, Jo, for everything.

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