Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Bundle of energy, you’re on the run
Chasing and playing, life’s just full of fun
Interested, curious, forever on the go
There’s always something new you just have to know

“Why, Mommy?”, “Can’t I, Daddy?” “But I don’t want to!”
“Where is my truck?” and “Where is my shoe?”
“Can we go to the park now?” “Can we play a game?”
“Should I have some raisins?” “Who’s that? What’s his name?”

“I’m not tired! “I’m NOT sleepy! I still want to play!”
“Don’t NEED to go potty now!” “I want to stay!”
“Let’s watch a little Blue’s Clues!” “Let’s play with my toy!”
This is the mind of a three-year-old boy

“Can you make it better?” “Can I give you a kiss?”
Could we wish for anything better than this?
“I love you too, Mommy!” “Will you sing me a song?”
Words we had dreamed of for so very long

Our Little Man, our sweet boy, our precious delight
God watches over you by day and by night
With your heart full of wonder, what blessings are in store—
And before we can catch our breath, you will be FOUR!

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